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download symbol2016 - Simultaneous blood flow and blood oxygenation measurements using a combination of diffuse speckle contrast analysis and near-infrared spectroscopy

download symbol2014 - Towards telecommunication payloads with photonic technologies

download symbol2013 - Trimodal detection of early childhood caries using laser light scanning and fluorescence spectroscopy: clinical prototype

download symbol2013 - A fiber-optic system for dual-modality photoacoustic microscopy and confocal fluorescence microscopy using miniature components

download symbol2012 - Miniaturized all-optical photoacoustic microscopy based on microelectromechanical systems mirror scanning

download symbol2011 - Effects of Radiation on MEMS

download symbol2011 - Digital optical tomography system for dynamic breast imaging

download symbol2006 - A flexible telecom satellite repeater based on microwave photonic technologies


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In the Sercalo SX switches, the optical switching function is realized by a silicon MEMS chip, on which a mirror can be moved in and out of the optical path by electrostatic actuation. The miniature SX switch is only available in its latching variant, where a bistable suspension mechanism keeps the last selected state in power off.

To operate the switch, 5V and 0V are applied on pins 1 and 2, which are used by the internal DC-DC converter to supply a high voltage for the actuator control. CMOS or TTL logic levels on pins 3-4 control the electrostatic actuator.

To set the switch state in the latching variant, pin 3 respectively pin 4 are set to logic high (5V) for 20 ms and the corresponding switch state is selected. At rest pins 3 and 4 should be pulled to 0 V and must not be floating.

1 23 x 10 x 6 mm size Protection Switching
2 Low Cost Reconfiguration
3 TTL or CMOS logic Optical Subsystems
4 Latching Array integration
5 2x2, 2x1, 1x1 variants Instrumentation Measurement
6 Single or multimode fiber Medical

Description SXLT SXNT switches
sxnt 9b dsc 2771