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Our skills span the entire production process, from in-house MEMS chip design and qualification to manufacturing and assembly. All products are designed, manufactured, and certified "Swiss Made".
Sercalo’s products are leader in the market of Fiber Optical Components thanks to their:

  • Reliability
  • Wide wavelength range covering the full range of the used fibers
  • Solid state like repeatability
  • Resistance to wear


The MEMS technology uses integrated circuit processing techniques to create precise and moveable structures on silicon substrates. MEMS are the union of microelectronics and micromachining technologies.  It is MEMS technology and the design expertise in electronics driver designs that makes Sercalo's products stand out in the market. Sercalo's patented MEMS technology is based on micromirrors fabricated in single crystal silicon.

Optical MEMS and MOEMS have had the greatest success to date in Telecom, 3D Print, LiDAR, Ophthalmology, Laser writer and Lab use.

Telcordia 1221 standard


MEMS are used in telecommunication networks at different levels such as in tunable lasers, tunable filters, optical switches, dynamic gain equalizers, attenuators.

Sercalo has an in house design expertise and manufacturing capabilities in:

  • MEMS design and manufacture based on deep reactive ion etching
  • Electronics design
  • Precision MEMS microassembly
  • Fiber Optic MEMS packaging
  • Test and Measurement of critical optical and mechanical parameters


Sercalo’s products are highly reliable due to mature MEMS technology. There is no sticking, no friction, no wear out, nor fatigue. This is why a MEMS switch can operate billions of cycles maintaining the same output results.
Sercalo qualifies its fiber optic components according to the Telcordia 1221 standard (mechanical shocks, vibration, high number of thermal cycles, damp heat etc.)

Sercalo MEMS technology
MEMS Switches Technology


Wet Processing
  • Photolithography
  • Wet Etching
  • HF Vapor release

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