Measurement Resource Sharing1. Measurement Resource Sharing

Sercalo Switches can be used in measurement environments as a means of resource sharing application. The output signal of a Measurement System is used as the input for a switch which afterwards sends the signal to the appropriate device or fiber, acting in this way as a resource sharing equipment; (the applications can also be seen from left to right).
This is fully advantageous in the case of automatic testing and in the study of a device's behavior under different conditions all in one measurement.
The activity domain of the switches is diverse. Simply by changing the measurement system we change the domain of use: in the telecommunications world an OTDR will be used, in the temperature testing domain a DTS system and in the stress testing a FBG system.
Shortly Switches will also be able to work with visible light expanding the usage to spectroscopy applications.
The main benefits of switches are their high repeatability, no recalibration and no wear out

 Line Protection2. Line Protection

Switches can be used in backup environments, in the event of a network failure, or a fiber breakage. In this case scenario, information is transmitted through a backup line. Once the failure has occurred, it needs to be solved in all cases with the fastest procedure. Switches bring the benefit of high reliability and fast response time to this type of scenario.

Remote Network Monitoring3. Remote Network Monitoring

Switches can be used in remote network monitoring. In this kind of scenario, after taking a sample of the light that is being transmitted over the network, the switch will send it to the measurement equipment, for example, a power meter or a Bit Error Rate Tester. In this way, switches can be used to monitor the network automatically and remotely by effectively using the measuring resources and thus detecting a network failure as soon as it occurs.


By Pass Switching4. By-Pass Switching

In this ring using network protection, when a breakage occurs the solution is to send the information to the backup line. But what if a second breakage also occurs in the backup line? In this situation 1 and 2 cannot communicate anymore. In this case switches can be used as a by-pass switching solution. And by placing a 2x2 switch in 3, information can reach 2 from 1. For this type of applications we can highlight the superior reliability of switches.

Measurement Setup5. Measurement Setup

Another application of switches is in measurement setup scenarios. In this case, the switch is used to switch between different wavelengths that are used to test the behavior of the Device Under Test; afterwards a phase of analyze can be done.

The benefits of using switches are their high repeatability, no recalibration and no wear out.