Silicon micro mechanics offers unrivaled precision. Sercalo proposes a "foundry service" for production of single and multi-level parts in silicon. Applications are found in watchmaking, precision springs and ultra flat mechanical parts.

Sercalo produces silicon precision micro parts based on deep reactive ion etching. This technology achieves better precision and surface quality compared to traditional machining techniques such as milling or laser.

Sercalo's long experience in etching optically flat surfaces is the technological base for producing parts with better precision and unmatched surface quality. Sercalo offers etching services for Silicon Micro parts. Typical applications are found in watches.

Minimum feature size can be as low as 5 µm with an aspect ratio up to 50, i.e. parts can be made out of structures with 5 µm wide and 250 µm tall beams.

Typically, the parts are made out of 1 layer, but also 2 and 3 layered designs are possible.

Structure height is between 100 µm up to 400 µm.

1 Precision < 1 µm 2-D Fiber arrays
2 Vertical walls Silicon Hairspring
3 Up to 400 µm thick parts Micro Optical Bench
4   Surface Treatments


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