The Coaxial 1xN MEMS switch is a very small 1xN switch. It's compact design offers a very low size and lower cost than Sercalo's standard switches. Nevertheless it has slower speed and larger wavelength dependent loss than the SW or SL types.

The switch is available in several different variants to simplify integration in existing systems and reduce development cost. The miniature packages withstands rugged environments and is well suited for direct mounting on printed circuit boards.

The component is currently not offered for sale in the United States of America.


• Low insertion loss
• Reliable
• UART, I2C/SMBus and parallel interface
• Ethernet interface available on request
• RoHS compliant


• Telecom
• Instrumentation
• Test and measurement

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Sercalo's fiber optic 1xN switches are bidirectional opto-mechanical switches based on a coaxial design where a single MEMS mirror redirects light from a common fiber to one of N ports.

The MEMS technology results in low insertion loss and low crosstalk between channels while keeping a constant switching performance. The switch communicates over a UART or I2C/SMBus. A TTL/CMOS-compatible parallel interface is also available for switches with up to 24 ports.

The MEMS component is hermetically sealed. The laser welded collimator guarantees high temperature and long term stability. The part is complies with Telcordia 1221 reliability standards. No epoxy is present in the optical path. The miniature package withstands rugged environments and is well suited for direct mounting on printed circuit boards.

The component is compliant to RoHS requirements 2015/863/EU.

Sercalo’s COAXIAL TYPE 1xN switch is non latching and breaks the optical connection at power-off, i.e. routing of the common port is not defined at power off. The component works bidirectional, the common port can be used as input or output of the light signal. The optical assembly is laser welded and offers excellent stability over temperature and time.

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