A crucial element in every fibre-optic MEMS component is the fibre-optic collimator, in which the light emerging from a fibre is collimated by a lens. A good collimator garantees stable functionality over temperature and service life.

At Sercalo, we are technical leaders in the manufacture of collimators, as our passive optical components are very sensitive to misalignment and position deviations. Based on this experience, Sercalo offers the assembly of collimators according to customer specifications. Typical beam diameters range from 0.35 mm up to 4 mm for working distances of 1.8mm up to several meters. For high power applications, the fibre end is provided with a pure silica cap.

The component is compliant with RoHS requirements 2015/863/EU.

1 Reliable Free Space Optics
2 High Pointing accuracy Instrumentation
3 Laser welded package Test and measurement



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