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Sercalo Microtechnology Ltd. celebrates 20th Anniversary

About us

Sercalo Microtechnolgy was founded in 1999. The focus of our company is to supply customers with high quality and top performance MOEMS (Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems) components. Our Management and Engineering Team counts with more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the MEMS and Fiber Optical Components industry. Our skills span the entire process of manufacture: MEMS chip design, fabrication and marketing.

Sercalo has a wide variety of products in the market: a diversity of fiber optical MEMS switches for single mode, multi mode as well as specialty fibers for visible and polarisation maintaing fibers. MEMS based VARIABLE OPTICAL ATTENUATORS and MEMS TUNABLE OPTICAL FILTERS are new fiber optic components. Sercalo also produces non fiber MEMS components such as 3D MEMS MICRO-MIRRORS and miniature LASER BEAM SCANNERS.

Finally Sercalo builds custom fiber optical systems integrating its own components with other optical functions and “plug and play” interfaces TO meet customer defined testing needs.

Sercalo products are leading the market of Fiber Optical Components because of their:

  • • Reliability
    • Wide wavelength range covering the full range of the used fibers
    • Solid state like repeatability
    • Resistance to wear

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