OPTICAL CROSS CONNECTS: Sercalo's Matrix Switches are non-blocking switches that connect any of the input fibers to any of the output fibers. Available in 4x4, 4x8 and 8x8 these switches achieve low insertion loss and high repeatability. For these low port counts the switches are based on cascaded 2x2 modules.

16X16 up to 32x32 Optical cross connects are using a more recent optical free space technology where a MEMS array redirects the light from input to output fibers. This hitless non blocking switch is currently in initial production with port counts up to 32x32.


• Non-blocking
• Fast switching time
• Highest repeatability
• Reliable
• UART, I2C/SMBus and USB interfaces
• Custom networks available on request
• Evaluation board with Ethernet interface available on request


• Optical reconfiguration
• Optical network protection/restoration
• Instrumentation
• Test and measurement

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The SERCALO NxM MEMS Optical Cross Connects (OXC) series are all optical switch solutions for demanding applications in fiber optic instrumentation or communication.

The optical connections are set by a 3D MEMS switch network, where micromachined silicon mirrors redirect light from the specified input port to the selected output port. The use of MEMS technology offers low cost together with excellent optical performance.

The switch is designed for integration into a network system. Over a RS232 or USB interface the individual ports can be addressed.


The Optical Cross Connect is built using Sercalo’s established MEMS technology. The MEMS mirrors are stable enough to operate the switch in open loop.

The switch is fully bi-directional and transparent to the full wavelength range of the installed fiber.

The switch architecture is non blocking: Any of the input ports can go to any of the free output ports.


• Low Insertion Loss
• Non-Blocking
• Fully Bi-Directional
• Single or Multi Mode Fiber
• Standard Port Counts
    o 16 x 16
    o 24 x 24
    o 32 x 32
• Custom Port Count NxM


• Optical Network Switching
• Fiber Optic Cross Connect
• Fiber Optic Test and Measurement
• Data Center Optical Switching

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