The SN series are fast, non-latching MEMS switches. Available in configurations from 1x2, 2x2 and 1x4, they are the best choice where low Insertion Loss and low PDL are most important. The SN switches are also available for a wide variety of specialty single mode fibers such as 630 nm, 780 nm, 850 nm, 980 nm and also polarization maintaining fibers.

• Reliable
• Specialty fibers
• 1.5 dB insertion loss
• 1 ms response time
• Low PDL
• 60 dB crosstalk
• Miniature size
• 2x2, 2x1, 1x1 variants

• Instrumentation
• Source selection


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The SW fiber optic switch is a very fast opto-mechanical switch based on the MEMS technology. The component is designed for fast switching between two single mode fiber ports. The switch is available in 1x1, 2x1, 4x1, 8x1 and 2x2 variants. The highly reliable switching mechanism uses an integrated micromirror and features below 1 ms switching time and only 0.5 dB insertion loss.

The miniature package withstands rugged environ­ments and is well suited for direct mounting on printed circuit boards. The switch is qualified according to Telcordia GR 1221.


The non-latching switch modules are fast and reliable switches designed for single mode fiber instrumentation. The device is based on the latest silicon MEMS technology and uses a micro-mechanical mirror to switch light. Operated by an electrostatic actuator, the switch features fast switching below 1 ms and high crosstalk attenuation above 50 dB. The switch is powered by a 5 V supply voltage. A 5 V TTL or CMOS drive signal is used to control the switching state.

With 0 V on the drive pin (No 2) the switch is in its bar state (port 1 – port 3). When 5 V are applied to the drive pin, the micromirror is moved out of the optical path, which puts the switch into its cross state (port 1 – port 4). At power off, i.e. when either the supply voltage or the drive signal falls to 0 V, the switch returns into its bar state.

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