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The VP series Variable Optical Attenuators (VOA) achieve lower Insertion Loss and better Polarization Dependent Loss characteristics. The VP Sercalo VOAs use a high impedance 0-5 V input port to set the attenuation.

1 Reliable Power management in DWDM transceivers
2 0.4 dB insertion loss Remote attenuation control
3 2 ms response time EDFA control
4 Low PDL Instrumentation Measurement
5 Miniature size Medical
6  Non-latching Telecom Network

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MEMS VARIABLE OPTICAL ATTENUATOR (two simultaneous channels)


The Sercalo variable attenuator allows the continuous adjustment of the attenuation with a 0 – 5 V control voltage, while a 5 V supply is present. The VP1(2) variant has 2 optically independent channels which are controlled simultaneously by a single control pin. The miniature package withstands rugged environments and is well suited for direct mounting on printed circuit boards.

The variable attenuator operates by moving an obstructing element into the optical beam between two single mode fibers. Fabricated by the latest silicon micromachining technology the device features low optical loss and small size. The position of the obstructing element can be adjusted by an integrated electrostatic actuator, resulting in a fast and hysteresis free response. As shown in the static voltage ersus attenuation response, at low attenuation levels fine tuning of the attenuation is possible, whereas at high levels the tuning is coarser.

Typically, a maximum attenuation of over 45 dB is obtained with 5 V at the driver pin. The voltage on this pin is amplified by the built in voltage converter to the appropriate voltage on the electrostatic actuator of the MEMS chip, which controls attenuation. The driver is ESD sensitive.


Broad Band VOA

Broad band VOA
Wavelength range nm 1240   1610
Insertion loss  dB   0.5 1.0
Maximum attenuation  dB 30 45  
Return Loss mW   55 50
Polarisation Dependent Loss at 10 dB dB   0.08 0.15
Polarisation Dependent Loss at 20 dB dB   0.15 0.35
Spectral Flatness 1530-1570 nm at 10 dB  dB   0.2 0.5
Spectral Flatness 1530-1570 nm at 20 dB  db   0.4 1.0
Response Time ms   2 20
Fiber Pigtail μm 9/125/900
Durability cycles No wear out
Voltage V   5 5.25
Power consumption mW   50  
Operation temperature °C 0   70
Storage temperature °C -40   85
Size (L x W X H) mm 43 x 16.5 x 9.5


  • VP1-9N-12-16
  • VP2-9N-12-16



download symbol VP 1 - 9N

download symbol VP 2 - 9N

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