The SL series are opto-mechanical latching switches for the most demanding applications in fiber optic communication networks. The switch is available in 1x1, 2x1 and 2x2 variants and offers solid state reliability, accurate precision and fast response time.

The switch mechanism is latching and has a very fast response time below 1 ms and only 0.5 dB insertion loss. The miniature package withstands rugged environments and is well suited for direct mounting on printed circuit boards. The switch is qualified according to Telcordia GR1221.

SN: Non Latching
SL: Latching

1 Reliable Protection Switching
2 0.5 dB insertion loss Reconfiguration
3 0.5 ms response time WDM
4  Low PDL  
5  60 dB Crosstalk  
6  Latching  
7  Miniature Size