Fiber optic switch, mems fiber switch, micromirror, fiber optical tunable filter


Laser World of Photonics 2019

If you come to Laser World of Photonics between 24 to 27 of June 2019, don't hesitate to come to our booth B3/384 to discuss the latest advances in optical MEMS. We'll present our upgraded range of 2-axes magnetic mirror for beam steering and scanning with optical feedback.

OFC 2019, Booth 4446

Do not miss our Booth 4446 at OFC 2019 from 3rd March thru 7th March in San Diego. Sercalo will showcase its laser welded 3.5 mm VOA for optical amplifiers with very low Wavelength Dependent Loss. The laser welded hermetically sealed package achieves better long term stability and reliability. Sercalo is also bringing to the market industry compatible MEMS 1xN switches offering the same advantages.​

OFC 2018, booth 5825

Do not miss our booth 5825, at OFC 2018 in San Diego. Sercalo will present its latest advancements in optical MEMS components: MEMS 1xN switches, Tunable Optical Filters and its new ultra small size Variable Optical Attenuators.

Sercalo's products are manufactured with the latest techniques in laser welding for achieving smaller size and improved reliability. 

Laser World of Photonics

If you come to Laser World of Photonics between 26 to 29 of June 2017, don't hesitate to come to our booth B2.148 to discuss the latest advances in optical MEMS. We'll present our latest advances in 1-D scanners and 2-D pointing mirrors.

Photonics West 2017

Sercalo will be at Photonics West 2017 in San Fransisco from January 31 to February 2, 2017.

We will introduce our MEMS Galvanometers and 2-D pointing mirrors which are now available with a digital driver card and a conveniant software tool.

If you are coming to Photonics West, don't hesitate to stop by our booth #4869.

2016/03 OFC, booth 1246

Sercalo will present its leading optical MEMS products: MEMS switches, Tunable Filters and Optical Cross Connects. 

The new matrix switch is now available with up to 32 x 32 ports and offers insertion loss of ~1 dB. It's open loop design offers better perfomance and lower cost compared to solutions based on integrated optics (PLC). 

2016/02 Photonics West, Booth No 932

Visit XSoptix, Sercalo's reseller in the USA, at booth 932. At Photonics West we will show our capabilities in optical MEMS components and systems. 

Sercalo will display its micromirror products ranging from 1.0 mm diameter electrostatic mirrors up to 10 mm diameter MEMS Galvanometers.

2015/06 Laser World of Photonics, Booth B3,224

Visit sercalo at LASER WORLD OF PHOTONICS, which takes place in Munich from 22.6.-25.6. Sercalo will show it's capabilities in optical MEMS components and systems. Beside miromirrors Sercalo now also offers complete MEMS DEFELCTION UNITs. The low power and miniature size Galvanometer is well suited for laser beam steering in laser writing machines.

2015/03: Sercalo at OFC #501, 24-26. March 2015, in Los Angeles, USA

Sercalo will present its new MEMS cross connect switches up to 32x32 based on free space optics. The new matrix switch offers insertion loss below 1 dB and is ideally suited for advanced test and measurement applications.

2014/09: Sercalo at ECOC #551, 23-25. Sept. 2014, in Cannes, F

Sercalo will present its activities in Optical MEMS technologies for fiber optic communication at ECOC Exhibition in Cannes, F at booth #551. New products include MEMS tunable filters and improved solutions for switching and attenuating light in optical fibers.