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Dear clients and partners,

We would like to conclude 2020 with a heartfelt Thankyou to all of you for your trust and your unerring loyalty. This year we all had to confront unprecedented challenge but let us not forget that it has also been a year of innovation. Some of you have been convinced by our new line of magnetic mirrors and we were able to celebrate the recent opening of our online store that is constantly evolving thanks to your suggestions.

In 2021 our company will continue to offer its daily services striving to provide you with high quality MEMS products for running and future projects. Let’s keep in touch so we can work together on optimized and viable solutions! For the upcoming year we wish you prosperity and happiness and a serene approach to business and to life.

The entire Team at Sercalo presents you with Best Wishes for 2021: Happy New Year!

Optical MEMS Online Shop

Wishing to cater even better to your demands and those of a changing market, our team is happy to announce the opening of a new online store, featuring a range of our standard products based on MEMS microtechnologies.

“The focus of Sercalo is to supply customers with high quality and top performance MEMS  components.”


The MEMS micromirrors offer large reflective surfaces, small size and low power consumption  and are best suited for applications requiring DC pointing as well as dynamic scanning such as: LiDAR, Laser marking, Aerospace, Medical, 3D printing.

Sercalo Microtechnology Ltd., adapts the micromirrors to your specific needs through a CUSTOMIZATION SERVICE.

MEMS Switches RSC 1xN

Sercalo optical MEMS switches are leading the market because of their reliability, long-term stability, and high performance over lifetime. Moreover, it is industry pinout compatible within a miniature ruggedized package. The MEMS optical switches are nowadays used in a wide range of applications such as aerospace, instrumentation, telecom network and more...

MEMS switches SXLA2x2

The SXLA achieve excellent repeatability and it is optimized for low cost production while maintaining high reliability. The package switch offers smallest size, ease of integration and the established reliability of Sercalo MEMS components. The component meets Telcordia GR 1221 quality standards.

The SXLA are latching type switches for telecom and test and measurement applications.

MEMS Switches SC 1x4

Sercalo's MEMS switches are available in several variants to simplify integration in existing systems and reduce development cost. SC1xN MEMS switches offer low insertion loss, wide wavelength range, low cross-talk and long-term stability.

Their extremely high reliability matches with demanding applications in telecom, datacom, sensor network, test and measurement.

MEMS Switches SW 1x4

The SW fast non-latching optical MEMS switch miniature package withstands rugged environments and is well suited for direct mounting on printed circuit boards.

The main benefits of Sercalo switches are their high repeatability, reliability, fast response time and no wear out.

Sercalo switches can be used in various application such as test and measurement, network reconfiguration and restoration, protection switching, medical.

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