Sercalo Microtechnology Ltd. celebrates 20th Anniversary

Since 1999, Sercalo Microtechnology Ltd. supplies customers with high quality and top performance MOEMS (Micro-Opti-Electro-Mechanical Systems).

To highlight the 20th Anniversary, Sercalo invited keynote speaker Dominik Neidhart, who shared with the staff and guests his 10 years’ experience as a grinder on the competitive Alinghi sailing team. This groundbreaking adventure in technology and sports “Made in Switzerland”, reflects in some ways the spirit that drives the staff of Sercalo in their daily pursuit of technological excellence. The festivities concluded with a cruise on the Lake of Neuchâtel surrounded by partners and friends.

On this occasion, Sercalo would like to thank its clients for their enduring trust, thus enabling the company’s establishment as a leading force in the industry of Fiber Optics and MEMS. Today, the company’s skills span the entire process of manufacture, from the design of the MEMS chip to its fabrication and assembly into systems.